ul. Falbanka 22
87-800 Włocławek
tel: 54 234 68 46
gsm: 668-805-455
email: handel@malwawl.com.pl

About company

The story of our company began in 1987, when we opened our first factory with own production
in Wloclawek.
We have just extended the long tradition and history of production of car accessories in Poland few
moments before power transformation in our country.
The company’s current market position has been established over 30 years of operation.
Today Malwa is leading distributor and producer of professional car accessories in Poland.
Wide range of goods, quality of production, customization according to customer requirements,
and human approach make us a sought-for partner for a number of small
and large companies not only in the Poland.
We pay a lot of attention to the quality of our products.
Malwa adopts responsible business practices focusing on work conditions, environment
and fairtrade.
Eco-design approach and packaging optimization are our core business.
Our priorities are to constantly improve them and to adjust them to technical and economic
requirements of our customers.
We are making efforts to have our clients satisfied with co-operation with our company.
A perfectly trained staff, with great experience in automotive field
take care of client’s requirements.
Their satisfaction is the best recommendation for our products.
We kindly invite you to co-operate with our company.

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