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Best Over the Counter Adderall Alternatives Study

  Best Adderall Alternatives Is It Countable

Buy Adderall online, as it is one of the most used, and most trusted prescription drug for the treatment of ADHD symptoms. But, many people don’t like taking them, with good reason. The side effects are scary, especially the long-term impact on brain health and addiction.

That’s why so many people seek out Adderall substitutes. They are often seeking a direct replacement for Adderall that can be taken when they want and how they want. Unfortunately, nothing works like Adderall. And OTC Adderall is illegal (so don’t do it). The best substitutes don’t have the power, reliability, or sanctioning that Adderall has. If they did, they would be prescriptions, too.

But, that doesn’t mean they don’t work. Some of these are time tested, others are research tested. All of them have a history of helping people think better, clearer, and focus better. These 12 that we present have a history of helping people with ADHD symptoms. They are natural alternatives to Adderall that work with your body, not against it.

Alternatives to Adderall come in 3 varieties: Prescription, Nootropics, Herbals. We aren’t going to cover the prescription ones, your doctor will. We’re going to let you know about the natural alternatives to Adderall.

Here’s the warning for all of these: If you are taking Adderall, you must talk to your doctor before stopping your medication, starting any of these substitutes, or beginning any lifestyle change. Serious side effects can happen if you don’t talk to your doctor.

Always start with the lowest dose possible and work your way up. Never exceed the maximum dose; most of these can cause serious side effects, even fatal ones, if you do not follow the warnings and dosing instructions.

AdderRx *

This is a mid-range nootropic that many people have used to stimulate their learning and concentration. AdderRx works best in the long-term. It’s best if you take it all through a semester to get the biggest band at finals time. And, although it’s recommended for long-term use, the vast majority of people experience no withdrawal symptoms.

AdderRx does have side effects, but they are considered mild and most people never experience them when they follow proper dosing. Many people find they can sleep better with AdderRx because they are able to constructively use their energies during the day.


AddTabz is a short- and long-term aid for concentration, focus, and improved memory. It uses Ampheta CDP, a proprietary blend of ingredients created by Gentech Labs and Pharmaceutical’s. The website promises that AddTabz give the stimulation like the stimulant amphetamine, but without the addicting side effects or long-term dangers. They are clear to say that is does not contain amphetamines.

AddTabz works well, very well. It’s rather strong and is too strong for people trying out these types of stimulants for the first time. There are many listed side effects for people unaccustomed to how powerful this nootropic is.

Adrafinil/Modafinil *

Adrafinil and Modafinil are two sides of prescription and natural supplement. Adrafinil, the supplement, is considered safer than the prescription Modafinil. Both stimulate and enhance energy, increase the proper hormones and neuropathways for being alert, and slightly increasing memory.

Many people turn to Adrafinil over Modafinil because they want to avoid the side effects of the prescription. Modafinil has stronger side effects, due to being a stronger drug. Adrafinil is more natural and works subtler in the body.

Modafinil has fallen lower on the favor list than Adderall and it’s derivatives. Caution needs to be used when applying Adrafinil if you take any other prescription.

It’s often recommended that you take a B Vitamin supplement to augment these two. Adrafinil is often combined with other nootropics andmedications to help enhance memory.

Alpha Brain *

Alpha Brain is a lower cost nootropic, although not the lowest cost. Alpha Brain provides memory enhancement and the nutritional supplements to help retain what you learn. As a combination, you get the buffering power of multiple stimulants, and supporting vitamins.

Alpha Brain is used in the long term because it contains many components that work best when they are built up in your system. Because it is more natural, there are less side effects.

The problem with Alpha Brain is that it hasn’t quite been scientifically proven to work. It has been on the market for many years, and most of the individual components are proven to give more energy and/or concentration. Still, hundreds of reviews online and in forums attest to Alpha Brain giving more energy and focus to people. If it’s an introduction to nootripics you are looking for, start with Alpha Brain.

B Vitamins *

Your brain uses nearly half of all the B vitamins we consume. The brain and the learning experience has a voracious appetite for B6, B12, and folic acid. The supporting vitamins of niacin, thiamine, pantothenic acid help the rest of the body keep up with your brain. Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) is required for energy production and you’ll fall asleep studying without it.

Without B Vitmains, your brain feels foggy, slow, and you will have a hard time forming proper memories. Today, people who eat a high amount of processed foods do not get enough B Vitamins. For the college student: pizza does not contain many, if any, B Vitamins.

A generally low level B Vitamin supplement is good to keep your levels in the normal range. All B Vitamins are water soluble, and excess is easily flushed from our systems. There is no point in taking high doses of B Vitamins without a doctor’s supervision because we will simply flush out the extra.


One of the best things you can do for yourself if to seek out good nutrition first. Cut out the chemicals, preservatives, and toxins from processed foods. Eliminate foods with added sugars or wheat. And make sure you get enough water.

We think it’s best to start off supplementing with regular vitamins. Most people find that with good foods and good vitamin/mineral supplements, they don’t need artificial stimulants. Once you have proper nutrition, and you find that you are lagging on energy, focus, or concentration, the other nootropics we listed will be the most beneficial for you.

Once your body has the nutrition it need, then stimulating the brain to help you study will be much easier and require less supplementation. This saves you both time and potential side effects.

Any of these supplements will help you, as long as you follow the instructions and consult your physician before starting them. All of these have the potential to cause side effects if not taken as directed.

We hope this list is your go-to list on how to choose supplements to help you study. It will take you all the way from basic, nearly no risk supplements to active, high-level stimulation. Choose wisely and study hard!



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